Sunday, January 8, 2012

Poppy Mosaic

This was a challenge to complete! I bought the stamp, black glossy CS and various Mica Gloss Metallic Effects Ink from Judi Kins at the last convention I attended. Of course, put everything in a drawer and did nothing with it for about 9 months.

Meanwhile, there is a step I must have forgotten! haha I stamped & embossed image, then painted the flowers with the various inks I had gotten. That was Saturday morning. So this afternoon I decided to assemble the card, and the ink was not dry! I tried to just dry it with the heat gun, but ended up pouring on some Hologram powder, and redried.

I like the card, but in my mind it was supposed to be as pretty as the demo cards at the JudiKins booth! haha Getting the light right for the picture was hard, either too dark, or like this, a little shiny in spots!

I hope you like my less than perfect image!

Hugs, Pat
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  1. Well the Mica Gloss sure is pretty on the black, this is such a nice card. I'll have to check that product out.

  2. Pretty - gives this more of that "artistic" canvas look. See, maybe things just need to "age" a while before we play with them - or we rediscover where we put them, huh -- hahahahahahaha . . .