Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Baby Girl

My granddaughter Kim and her husband Jeremy are the proud parents of Maya Elise, born yesterday. I am glad I did not have buttons on, or I would have popped a few, as you can see. Very proud Great Grandma, the 8th time! What fun!

Maya, Kim, and all family members did a great job, and are so happy that she is healthy and will have a wonderful loving family to guide her to adulthood!

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  1. Many congratulations Pat to all of you wishing the newest member of your family a long happy heathy life. XOXO Zoe

  2. Congratulations Pat, she looks gorgeous, just love new babies

  3. Congratulations Pat to you and the proud parents!

  4. WooHoo, let the "pink" times begin!! Congrats, Great Grandma Pat! Glad Kim and Maya are healthy and happy - and bet Jeremy's a proud dad, too !!

  5. I got to thinking a while ago and figured if that baby was here you just might have a picture! I am so glad all is well with the new family, you look pretty good there yourself! Congrats to everyone!

  6. Many congratulations to you and your family Pat. Elise happens to be my middle name too, its such a pretty name, x