Monday, January 31, 2011

Poona's Cow Girl Nurses

One of my very first card swap pals is a nurse, AKA Poona, from Milwaukee. In 1997 she sent this postcard of her "Cow Girl Nurses" using stickers on the cows. On the address side, there are a few images, and one is a hamster on a hot water bottle. It is so cute. I just wanted to share something from a dear friend.

Poona loves her stickers, and won a contest from Mrs Grossmans back during that time period. Very talented artist!

I guess I am thinking nurses, as my granddaughter Kim is an RN also, and is the one having the baby this week! So exciting~ She will be great grandbaby # 8. They are all a joy.

Hugs, Pat
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  1. It is funny Pat, just my sense of humour

  2. In her beginning stamper days, Poona's stamp pal in Australia called her "Postcard Poona." Because she worked so many hours as an RN, Poona only had time to send silly postcards! LOL We love you Pat! & your art blog!!
    Poona & Albanaco

  3. Thanks for sharing, gave me a giggle, x

  4. Thanks for sharing and making us all smile, if not outright giggle . . .

  5. What a hoot this is, it made me laugh outloud!