Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another view of Diaper Cake

This is more of a closeup than the picture below, and does show the pink ribbon. The thing sticking up at the top with the purple must be connected to the platter that is holding the "cake" together. Anyway, someway or another it is sitting on a cake plate and being held together with "something"! I know it is not craft glue, as these are diapers to be worn! lol

Thanks for stopping by, and I salute all gals and guys that are crafty, whether it be the one that put this "Cake" together, or us stampers!
Hugs, Pat
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  1. Cute cake! The purple thing at the top that you were referring to seems to be a bottle. As a diaper cake creator myself, I know that bottles are commonly used to keep the tiers together. Thanks for sharing the photo!

  2. oh.. almost cant tell that is made with diapers at glance.. looks so pretty!!