Monday, August 16, 2010

Green and Embossing

This card was done using Heavy wt watercolor paper.  I took the large sheet outside and sprayed it with water. I then used 3 colors of  Rangers Adirondack Color wash, let some of the colors bleed together, then left it outside until it was not dripping.  At that point I sprayed some home made mist using Perfect Pearls, to get the glow.  I do not remember if I used Graffix clear lay plastic film in the cuddlebug, or ran the colored watercolor paper.  I was doing a lot with this method, including the overlay & CS at the time.  The Colorwash directions say to iron it with a craft iron, but I found that the iron dulled my colors, so I just let it dry & warp, then loaded a pile of heavy books on top to flatten it out for at least 1 day. 

GIANT warning!!!  Wear Gloves, an apron and old clothes!  Do not do it on a windy day!  You can figure out why I know this!  haha

Hugs, Pat

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  1. This is gorgeous... love the colors! Did you use alcohol ink?