Saturday, November 19, 2011

Maya & Spud

This picture shows Spud willing to share his favorite chewy with Maya. She was down to visit for the day. Since then she has popped a couple of teeth and would really enjoy his chewy! lol

She now walks hanging onto things, and can grab things faster than anyone I have ever seen! She is our little doll.
Hugs, Pat
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  1. Isn't Spud thoughtful, such a cute photo!

  2. That is a lovely photo Pat. Once she is on her feet properly you will know she is there. Sorry to read you have been poorly, hope you are feeling better now

  3. Oh, my, look at her lovely smile -- she must get that from great grandma !! Hahahaha - I'll betcha Spud's chewy would hold up better than a child's chewy does. And, I see Maya's still "styling" - and growing way too fast - seems like just the other day you posted the announcement . . .