Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baby shower & Spud's new coat

This is Sue, my oldest daughter, taken in her kitchen at the shower for Kim. She is going to be a grandma AGAIN!!!!!! Since I am her mother, I think she is too young to have so many grandkids! lol This is Kim, on the left. She is carrying my great grandbaby # 8. The gal next to her is my daughter Patty.
Isn't this cake just precious? Since Kim has developed diabetes with this pregnancy, she was unable to eat it or any of the candy that graced every table!
I don't know how to get rid of Spuds "Redeye" problem. The one that shows red, is his blue eye. He is sporting his new coat that I bought him a few days ago. Note the flannel sheets on the couch so he will be warm sleeping there. I have no idea how he ever got so spoiled! He really loves the hoodie! No other animal has ever been allowed on my furniture!

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Hugs to all.
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  1. Hi Dear Fried Pat.. congrats on the grandaughter's baby shower..omg, you are Greatgrandmother?? you are so young for that!!!!
    humm.. cake is so yumiie.. May I have a slice, please???
    and cute Spuds coat!!

  2. Clearly a long line of Children having Babies, you are far to young to have grownup great grand daughters LOL Wonderful family get together hope Kim loses her Diabiets when she has her baby. xx Zoe

  3. Congrats, Pat -- I think you are a great- grandmother in more than the usual way!! Talk about "spoiling" - you not only do it with the great-grandchildren, grandchildren, but also the grand or great-grand-doggies -- too cute, and apparently Spud loves the outfit!! Definitely his color -- racy red !!!

  4. Lovely family - and I just love Spuds !!