Sunday, October 10, 2010

My happy granddaughter

Kim is expecting a baby girl in Feb. and is so excited. She is an RN living in a nearby town, and we are excited for her and her husband. This will be my great grandbaby #8!

I just had to share! I took this picture of her yesterday.

Hugs, Pat
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  1. Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog! I am glad that you also crack walnuts - hopefully a lot of us do it so these lovely traditions won't die! You have a lovely granddaughter and I can imagine all of you are thrilled about this little new life coming into your lives!

  2. That is a lovely photo Pat, I bet you are chuffed to bits

  3. Kim is a beautiful girl/woman and I know this baby girl will be well loved just by the look on her face!

  4. Your Granddaughter is beautiful... congrats on the news!

  5. Congratulations, 8 great grandchildren WOW bet its fun with your family at get togathers LOL xx Zoe

  6. Ah, the "glow" of new motherhood - she looks absolutely "glam" and that dress is gorgeous on her (looks like a perfect card background to copy, great-grandma !!). Wish her the best of everything . . .

  7. Your granddaughter is lovely Pat.
    xxx Hazel.