Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More of my great family.

This is a picture of my son Ron and his sweet wife Melissa.  I think this was taken a couple of weeks ago at Disneyworld in Florida. 
This is 4 year old Abby, having such a great time at Disneyworld.  She tore a page a day off the calendar, asking "Is this the day I see Mickey?"  Abby is my youngest grandchild and lives in Ohio.  It is hard to get out to visit her often, and she has not been to California yet.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  Abby does enjoy the spotlight, and looks like she is having a great time dancing with Pluto!

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Hugs, Pat


  1. You are absolutely right, Pat -- Abby dancing with (ahem) GOOFY, is the most precious picture - cherish that one, Grandma !! And, you're gonna have to "brush up" on your Disney characters - LOL . . . I'm sure Abby can tell ya . . .

  2. You are kidding! Isn't that Pluto? ha ha I am a little past the cartoon stages myself, but sure thought that was Pluto! ROFL Thanks for the help!
    hugs, Pat

  3. LOL, we aren't to good with the Disney characters are we Pat, I thought it was Pluto too, ahh but Goofy is the dog that wears clothes and Pluto doesn't but I wouldn't have known that without looking it up.
    Whatever dog it is, Abby sure looks cute dancing with it!
    All three are great photos.

  4. Love the photo's Pat, my Daughter and family vivited Disney a few year back and they loved it. Must be honest I would love to go, I am still a big kid at heart