Sunday, August 1, 2010

Garden is 30'X40'

I had this posted earlier, and lost the pictures!  I do that on a regular basis, I think.

The garden was originally fenced with a wood base to keep the pot bellied pig out, and now the dogs.  They used to get thru the gate and do thier shopping on a regular basis.  One day Scruffy, my stray took my daughter 1/2 of an eggplant she had been waiting for, and the gate now has chicken wire to keep them out.  haha

This is a portion of what I picked this morning.  I have a friend that has not seen the lemon cucumbers before, so that is part of why I am posting these today.  Another reason is, since I got home from the coast I have not stamped, so have nothing new to put up.

Anyway, the round yellow veggies are the lemon cukes.  The little yellow tomatoes are ripe and delicious.

While I was picking, both dogs were at the fence crying, wanting a tomato.  They love them, especially the little yellow ones.

Hopefully my next posting will be cards I have made, so you will not have to look at the produce!  ha ha

Have a wonderful week!  Hugs, Pat
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  1. MMMMMMMM, yummy picture, Pat -- even had I seen these lemon cucumbers in the store, I would not have known what they were, unless there was a sign there -- and then I'd probably question if someone had made a mistake! Those yellow tomatoes look luscious, too -- great eating size to pop into your mouth. Thanks for sharing your garden - my mouth is watering!

  2. The dogs eat tomatoes...That's too funny! this all looks so good, I love vegtables of all types. Never heard of lemon cukes before...maybe I'll find some while we're in California.

  3. You might find them easier at a FArmers Market, but some of the stores have them. They are so good. Regular cukes & I do not get along, but these are like eating a melon! haha WEll, not QUITE, but very good.

  4. sooo yumiiee Pat... lucky you can grow those on the backyard!!!
    Hugs & Kisses

  5. Good Girl Pat. Your garden is doing better than mine even with the amimal problems. LOL

  6. Joyce, you have been to my house, & you must remember the only green thing here is in my refrigerator! haha! That is my daughter Sues garden. She finds it fun and relaxing. I love to pick what she grew! ha ha